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Saudi Ambassador to Iraq: Iranians Heave Sectarian Strife in Fallujah | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Ambassador Thamer Sabhan

London- Saudi ambassador to Iraq Thamer Sabhan explained that the Iranian presence near Fallujah is only to heave further strife among the already tense animosity between Iraqi people. Sectarian divide in Iraq had been feeding into the country’s public strain.

Sabhan, in a phone interview with Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, said that the Iraqi army and local police hold the capacity sufficient enough fulfill the missioned ISIS determent in Fallujah. All political figureheads in Iraq confirmed that Iraqi forces are able to terminate all threats of terrorism in Iraq, he added.

As for the Kingdom’s dispositions, Sabhan said that Saudi Arabia wishes to aid and unite all Iraqis against the threat of sectarian divide, which if rendered worse would reflect against the whole region.

He said that Saudi Arabia has full trust that the voice of reason and wisdom found in its leadership would be welcomed among all brothers in Iraq.

“Iraq was and still is an Arab country, it will not be acceptable for it to be taken away from its environment and people – the same thing is reiterated by the people in Iraq discounting their background,” said Sabhan.

“Iraq, since 2003, had been the subject of Iranian direct and indirect interference,”

“The goal is to avenge against Iraq and Arabs,” Sabhan added referring to Iranian aims.

The Saudi ambassador added that Tehran had impelled its forces to find and spur sectarian conflict, employing all means to further ignite bigoted strife.

“It is regrettable to see that the people of Iraq are the ones to pay the price of such lethal policies; if Iraqi blood was spilt it would be for no reason or possible end, because no one could eliminate or demote the other. Iraq is everybody’s land, and we cannot overlook the present Iranian spite and quest for revenge on Iraq for the previous war it waged against Iran,” Sabhan added.

Sabhan also warned the aftermath of undertone accusations being cast recklessly, he said that ISIS and al-Qaeda do not belong to a sect or religion; they are considered Khawarij, outsiders. He said that official Saudi fatwas concerning the subject are present to prove that terrorist organizations are redeemed outsiders by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and are not considered a part of Islam entirely.

“They go against humanitarian rights and are antilife organizations, which are being fought by everyone, especially Saudi Arabia,” he added.

Moreover, the Saudi Ambassador tweeted on Friday that Iranian terrorists located near Fallujah serves as evidence to Iran’s plans for flaming Iraqi society through sparking sectarian spite, which also confirms their demographic inclinations.