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Chickens sit in a poultry farm near Menoufia, 80 kms (50miles) north of Cairo January 1, 2008. Two Egyptian women died of bird flu on Monday, bringing to four the number of fatalities from the virus in the most populous Arab country in less than a week. REUTERS/Nasser Nuri

Vienna- Home delivery services have gradually grew. Rental and delivery of alive chicken is a new service created by Fabian Gutcher in Vienna. Customers can rent them through a special website or directly buy them from a farm in the governorate of Lower Austria.

The idea is that some people prefer to eat fresh eggs for their breakfasts, which cannot is a bit hard without hosting a chicken in their houses, however, that can now be done by the chicken rental process.

The “chicken rental” idea was created by Fabian Gutcher, 17, who faced difficulties with the traditional work in his father’s farm. He started by inviting his friends to help him, and noticed their pleasure when they took care of the animals, and their happiness when they cooked fresh eggs.

The chicken orders are delivered in cages that come in different sizes, and instructions on how to feed them are provided too. The order also includes special natural aliments mixed with vitamins, but they are optional in case the customer didn’t want to buy them, as poultry can be fed from homes’ wastes.

Among the binding instructions, chickens should be allowed to leave their cages during the day so they can move more freely. At night, they should be returned to the cage, which is preferred to be put in a dark place.

The cage should be cleaned regularly, and customers aiming to rent chickens must consult their neighbors before making their order, to avoid disturbance complaints.

The rental process, which has expanded to include nurseries, should be made according to a few-day contract, on the condition that its duration should not exceed one month. A chicken with the cage and its aliments are being leased for 70 euro. The food quantity can fullfil the chicken’s needs within four days.

Gutcher told the Austrian news agency that the tenant should know that chicken’s ovulation is linked to the care it receives, and that eggs cannot be expected daily.