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A Free Syrian army fighter takes cover as he shoots near Al Neirab airport in Aleppo February 17, 2013. REUTERS/Hamid Khatib

Who Quashed the Coup in Syria?

Who Quashed the Coup in Syria?

Who said wars of civilisations, cultures, and creeds are impossible? Europe fought a religious war which lasted a hundred years and ended with a cultural fusion between Catholics and Protestants. With its American extension, this melding of civilisations soon produced...

A record of political assassinations

The Syrian sectarian and family-run regime does not like intellectuals. The Alawite sect’s military apparatus removed the Baath party’s historical intellectuals so they could seize power with the least possible clamor. The sectarian regime threw...

The race between Americanization and Islamization

These days, Egypt is passing through a state of heated controversy, with regards to the flow of political funding from abroad. A fever has erupted in the shape of a serious crisis in Egypt’s relationship with the United States, unprecedented since the clash between...

Obama: Step by Step with the Palestinians

Europe sees in Obama another John Kennedy, and the United States sees in him Abraham Lincoln, who reconciled the country with itself after a bitter civil war, and then compares him to Franklin Roosevelt, the author of the “New Deal” who got the country out...