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Iran’s Supreme Leader Scolded by His Uncle for Hypocrisy | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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The Iranian capital, Tehran


Cairo- In an event that stirred the Iranian quarters, Hossein Mirdamadi, the uncle of Iran’s Supreme Leader, criticized harshly his nephew scolding him on Tehran’s statements on the execution of Nimir al-Nimir.

Mirdamadi underscored the fact that the Supreme leader himself overlooks crimes of the Iranian regime and the pressures inflicted upon the Iranian judiciary institution.

In a letter to the Supreme leader, Mirdamadi wrote: “You do not even give convicts their right to defend themselves or allow their attorneys to enter the court”.

Mirdimadi’s condemnations were published Friday online, on the Iranian opposition’s primary website “Saham news”. The condemnation letter included 9 headings in which the Supreme leader’s uncle speaks about the oppressive violations the Iranian government imposes against any opposition, saying that it has gone as far as arresting journalists and activists.

In his letter, Mirdimadi questioned: “do your statements, (the Supreme leader’s), on the execution of Nimir al-Nimir include the oppression practiced by the Iranian system? The arresting of journalists and political and religious activists whom are being kept in prisons for a long time! Or do you just prefer to only censure others’ crimes and fail to notice your own?”

“What armed war could the West wage on us that oppresses us more than we already are? What freedom do we enjoy when we are threatened with jail and persecution if we ever speak up? Isn’t it all a lie?”, he adds.
The Iranian government has censured the application of the Sharia law on Nimir al-Nimir, who was among those convicted of committing terrorist crimes in the Kingdom of Suadi Arabia.

Furthermore, the Iranian government’s statements later on led to inciting attacks on Saudi diplomatic centers in both Mashhad and Tehran, an assault that Saudi Arabia responded to by cutting off all diplomatic affairs with Tehran and expelling the Iranian Ambassador from the Kingdom.