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Casablanca – The “Le Catin” movie features the beginning if the 15th century (1414), when the authority of sex became a rank and an authoritarian position. Amidst the interference of politicians and clerics in social affairs, this movie highlighted the social phenomena that dominated decision makers and raised voices of the oppressed people.

The movie’s star succeeded in imposing her authority on the ruler who surrendered to her demands just because she used her body to provoke his instincts and desires. In other words, the isolated body, which was deprived from its rights, became a social authority that emulates political powers.

Through the human history, the “body” concept has enjoyed major interests through sociological, anthropological, historical, and phenomenological studies. However, with the Philosopher Michela Marzano, the “body philosophy” opens discussions widely on the human state. She sees that this philosophy, in fact, uses the body as a base and looks for existence in the physical world of each individual – it is a philosophy that seeks to understand the human act without ignoring its physical dimension.

Michela Marzano (1970) is an Italian philosopher who received her training in philosophy at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa and in Bioethics at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. She became professor at ‘ University of Paris V René Descartes. Marzano wrote numerous essays and articles on moral philosophy and politics including the “Dictionnaire du corps” (2007).

As a philosopher and writer, she entered the world of politics as a member of the Italian Democrat Party and was elected as a member in the Italian Parliament in February 2013.

According to Marzano, discussions on the human body requires the differentiation between its biological and cultural concepts. Marzano considers that “the body is the human being’s destiny because he cannot choose the life he wants”.

The human-body relation emerged with the first sin which is dedicated in thoughts through social nurture. In her analysis of the “body issue”, Michella speaks with deep body-philosophy from the heritage of Plato, Descartes, Nietzsche and many others. She always focused on how to build the philosophy of body, which emphasizes its physical meaning and value.

Michela Marzano uses a clear dismantling and genealogical approach in which she merges historical information and facts from our present – based on a deep philosophy heritage to reach the secret behind the growing diseases of this time promoted by marketing: sports, diets, weight loss, liposuction, plastic surgeries, medical intervention, and self-flagellation.

The lexicon used by these promotions and advertisements is very inspirational and the majority of marketed products are those who secure weight loss at any place and any time, fat burning to stay fit, and products with rejuvenating characteristics.

This body, which we remarkably indulge, has not only become the symbol of physical appearance, but also the abstract of social success, happiness, and perfectionism…However, can the modern human reach his happiness by convoying this time without asking about the value of this tortured and enslaved body?