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Opinion: Muslims to be Blamed! | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Marine Le Pen’s loss along with her party in the final regions elections in France, with no single region won by them, is good news for whoever is aware of the risks of the proposal led by the growing movement in Europe, not only for this continent but also for global security and peace. However, this movement does not differ much from some extremist radical movements that view the world as a war zone. 
When Muslims appear as a target for these movements in Europe, objective reality proves that they are just a hanger for the problems of the Europeans. Extremist parties in Europe, such as Nazism and Fascism, have led the world into two world wars, where the number of victims reached 40 million other than the displaced and afflicted.
The outcome of the last war, which resulted in the union of ideologically disperate  forces, like USA, the Soviet Union, and China, established the curren institutions of the global system, such as the Security Council, the Permanent Five who have the right to openly possess nuclear weapon and the power to veto.

Le Pen’s party didn’t win, yet the danger is still there, especially in the coming presidential elections, which is targeted by Marine Le Pen and is monitored by all the Far-Right parties in Europe who are waiting the rise of the National Front in France since it is considered one of the great powers in the European Union and is capable of causing a stream of change in the continent. 
All the Far-Right parties in Europe share the same intimidating speech, which claims the Islamisation of the West, in countries that share the Christian heritage, is underway. Moreover, the great number of Syrian refugees heading towards Europe has escalated the rhetoric, which asserts that their arrival will cause changes in the demography and the life style of Europe. Prior to this were the terrorist operations in Paris and the subsequent chasing terrorists in Brussels.  
No one denies there is a crisis in Islamic countries regarding extremist groups, the use of violence, the fall ofyoung men and women from Muslim communities in Europe, who can then be sent to Syria to fight, as well as be used in its  propaganda war. Despite the fact that these stories appeal to the media, at the end they are a minority. They might be in hundreds, yet it is a small percentage compared to the millions of the EuropeanMuslim communities living in peace and rejecting extremism.
What brings comfort and raises confidence is Marine Le Pen losing in the second round of the elections, especially after the union of the parties, who reject her ideology, in order to prevent any further progress from her side, which reveals the firmness of the republicans’ ideas. At the end, it is not reasonable for France to fall under the grip of the Far-Right party while France itself was a victim of Nazi occupation in World War II. 
Nevertheless, Muslim communities in Europe should put in extra efforts in order to prevent the fall of their children into extremist networks as well as improving integration into societies, as it is wrong for some to live in ghettos. In addition, the countries, which gave them citizenship, should exert efforts in fighting terrorism inside their countries before fighting it abroad. It is not reasonable to let go of the extremist and hatred advocates who are present in mosques, which are proven to be hotbeds of mobilization.
In short, extremism is a form of social ignorance regardless of religion and the cultural roots.