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A terrible scene was aired on international television showing a Chinese stadium being demolished in a controlled explosion by the Chinese government to make way for a new stadium with new specifications.

The demolition of the great stadium took place in a matter of seconds, after which the structure was reduced to rubbles. As one watches such a scene, the first thing that comes to mind is the simple comparison between the time, effort, labor and money put into the construction of the stadium and the few moments in which it was razed to the ground!

The scene sums up the relation between building and demolition. How long does it take to build a bridge, a building, a factory or a human being? How easy demolition is, as it only requires the evil desire to demolish! One brainwashed person can blow himself up in the middle of an overcrowded marketplace and within a few seconds, scores of children are orphaned, women widowed and buildings and shops reduced to rubble.

A few days ago, terrorists bombed the Sarafiya Bridge of Baghdad, one of the finest and oldest Arab bridges. In just a few seconds, the fine, ancient work of architecture and the memories of lovers who met on the bridge turned to ruins. The scene was tragic. Once again a question is raised about how easy it is to destroy. And the same scene is repeated in Algeria and Morocco!

We all remember the scene of the airplanes crashing into the World Trade Center in New York in September 2001. There were some who rejoiced because they had managed to destroy the building with a civilian airplane, however others grieved as they realized that the challenge was not to destroy the building or cause an airplane to crash but rather, the real challenge would be to build a similar structure and to make a similar airplane!

There is nothing easier than destruction and ruin and nothing more difficult than building and achievement. The nations that advance are the ones that accomplish and build, and the nations that regress are those which demolish and destroy! Intelligent nations honor the culture of life and the enjoyment of life, whilst backward nations promote the culture of death and hatred and falsely raise the slogan of death in the name of God as they kill the innocent, destroy life and play the role of the devil with distinction.