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Rootless Evil - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Just like goodness has no nationality, neither does evil. We admire innovators and pioneers regardless of their origin, and consider those who destroy and kill to be rootless.

In Damascus, Jordanians caused havoc and killed a police officer. In Saudi Arabia, a Moroccan was the leader of a group that exchanged fire with police. Some Egyptians took part in violent crimes in Yemen, and those that kill mercilessly in Iraq are of diverse nationalities but they gather like wolves around the scent of blood!

All assassins belong to one ideology; one of hatred of life. It is a deviant interpretation of religion and hatred for all beauty. In the end, they destroy themselves, their families and all that is beautiful in their civilization.

Since murderers and terrorists have rid themselves of any binding nationality, the powers of good must unite regardless of their nationalities to combat this evil. it has been said many times that people who watch idly as their neighbor”s house burns will be the next to get their share of the flames. Those who pretend not to see extremists or sometimes encourage them should be aware that they are next on the extremists” hit list and that it is only a matter of time.

All the money and weapons spent on the Afghani jihad turned around and bit the hands of its provider. Moreover, all the resources spent on professional assassins in Iraq will one day target those who paid it. This kind of violence is unsystematic; it has no political limit and has no aim. They speak about expelling occupying forces but they also kill innocent civilians. They talk about a war to defend Islam but they unhesitatingly and ruthlessly blow up mosques. They talk about Palestine and Jerusalem but have never been there.

How can anyone dare kill innocent people as they stand in lines to buy bread or get a job? What do terrorists think is the state of children whose mothers left to work and never came back? Terrorism has killed their only breadwinner. These gazing audiences, silent parties, gloaters and supporters of terrorism in Iraq are partners in the crime and enemies to humanity.