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If the absurdity of evil induces laughter then there is nothing funnier or more repulsive then Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh’s, statements in which he called upon the United States, “to release the Palestinians out of its grip so that they may not fall into civil war.”

He also added that “Arab states should bear their responsibilities of Arab nationalism, and to not remain a passive audience to the fire that will devour the Palestinian arena!”

Listening to these statements, one would think that the US Marine Corps are raiding the streets of Gaza and killing Palestinians; while the indifferent Arab states watch the events unfold without taking action! The truth of the matter is that those fighting are none other than the Palestinians themselves who are distorting their cause, abusing and insulting it beyond belief – in fact, abusing their own history. It is enough that the Ezzedine Al-Qassam Brigades (the armed wing of Hamas, named after one of the most important symbols of resistance in the history of Palestine) opened fire on Palestinians, racing the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades (the militant group affiliated to the Fatah movement) to claim responsibility for the innocent Palestinian lives in Gaza! Rather than acknowledging this bitter truth, Haniyeh attempts to absolve his group by placing the blame on the American administration!

As for his statement on Arab apathy, it is but a huge lie that should never be uttered by someone of Haniya’s status. The Saudi initiative was accepted by all Palestinian parties, and yet more than 40 Palestinians were killed following the endorsement of the initiative – and we cannot guess how many more will die until the advent of the anticipated meeting tomorrow takes place. The Egyptian initiative concluded at the Egyptian diplomatic headquarters, whereby both parties were said to have accepted a cease-fire, only for the Egyptian diplomats, who had burned the midnight oil in search of a solution to stop rampant fighting, to be shot down a few hours later!

It must be stressed that no one can be ‘more Palestinian’ than the Palestinians themselves, and that all well-meaning efforts have remained fruitless. And if they were to bear fruit, it could only result in a temporary truce if this tribal and partisan mentality were to prevail – that in addition to the absence of rationality and the lack of patriotism towards fellow Palestinians who have always fallen victims to Israel and to their very own misguided leaders who have lost all sense of nationalism and ethics.