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Official Incitement behind Attack on Saudi Embassy and Consulate in Iran | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Attack on Saudi Embassy

Attack on Saudi Embassy

Attack on Saudi Embassy

Attack on foreign embassies in the Iranian capital has been repeated despite all diplomatic standards directing otherwise.

Hours after hostile declarations were stated by Iranian officials, both extremist supporters of Iran’s supreme Leader and Basij extremist groups barged into the Saudi embassy in Tehran and consulate in Mashhad, setting off arsons.
Nevertheless, in clear contradiction, Tehran found itself forced to take back all of the statements that resulted with the embassy’s riot. Tehran warned protesters of the consequences Iran will have to face in front of the global community for such an irresponsible behavior.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani criticized the attacks that damaged the embassy and consulate, and stressed that they both are “duly and legitimately under Iran’s protection”.

Moreover, President Rouhani considered the action inexcusable and only stains the Iranian government’s reputation, requesting all national officials to be decisive when faced with criminal and reckless actions.

According to an official Presidential press website, Iranian intelligence has been given a presidential order to pursue all those responsible for the attacks with head-on firmness to present them before judicial authorities for justice, and bringing all similar fallacies committed towards all diplomatic centers across Iran to an end.
In his turn Chairman Rafsanjani, head of the Expediency Discernment Council, denounced the extremist behavior, violence, and deliberate sabotage of diplomatic sites saying “it only complicates solutions and deepens regional crises.”

Iran’s Attorney general, Abbas Dawlat Abadi, announced that Iranian security forces have arrested 50 of those whom entered the embassy’s grounds that night, and are investigating with them whether they are the ones standing behind the attack.

Tehran’s chief of police described the perpetrators by a “reckless few”, and confirmed that they have stoned the embassy’s building and threw arson projectiles “Molotov bombs” as well.

Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs requested that no gatherings shall be held in front of the Saudi embassy nor consulate.

Furthermore, Foreign Affairs Ministerial Official Spokesman Jaber Ansari, issued a statement requesting that security forces stop all crowding and protesting at diplomatic sites, stressing on the necessity of securing the safety of both the embassy and the consulate.

He also held diplomatic police responsible for confronting any attack on diplomatic sites belonging to Saudi Arabia.