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Liberation of Ahwaz Movement Leader: The Deceive Storm Restored Faith to Our Hearts | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Habib Jabr al-Ka’abi

Habib Jabr al-Ka’abi

Habib Jabr al-Ka’abi

London- After eight decades passing by, the Ahwaz strive for independence from Iranian occupation confronts several challenges, some of which is the Iranian attempt of removing its Arab identity.
Iran is working on carving out a new nation from Ahwaz, which would speak Farsi, enlist as a purely Shi’ite area and belong to Iranian nationalism.

The upcoming April will witness the transformation of Ahwaz into a military zone with security forces dispersed on maximum alert for the memorial event on the Iranian occupation of Ahwaz.

Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz (ASMLA) led by Habib Jabr al-Ka’abi is considered to be a drastic step in the political suit of Ahwaz gaining back independence from Iran.

With ASMLA emerging, tables turned against the Iranian intelligence inhabiting Ahwaz.
Jabr al-Kaabi told Asharq Al-Awsat that his movement was founded during 1999 and has “contributed greatly in the development of the revolution and breaking the political and media barrier facing the Ahwaz cause for decades now,” he also emphasized several Iranian interventions in the region.

Al- Kaabi noted that Iranian infiltrations have been cut down after the Arab movement against Tehran, and confirmed the Saudi-led Arab coalition dubbed the “Decisive Storm” in Yemen has confused Iranian expansion plans for the region.

Here is a selected set of questions answered by ASMLA leader Jabr al-Kaabi,

How do you read into Iranian intervention in the region?
 We have previously warned on the dangers entailed by the Iranian project for the Arab region, yet no one listened, instead people accused us of exaggerating Iranian aims. However, now, incidents storming the region over the past four years have revealed to the Arab world the truth anchored behind our vision and the vindictive nature of the Iranian project. Awareness had spread after Iran infiltrating four Arab capitals, and thousands of Arabs in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen being killed by Iranian forces.

What are the future expectations held by ASMLA on the Arab-Iranian conflict, and how can it be confronted?

 ASMLA sees that the confrontation with Iranians is inevitable, and it should be approached with effective methods. What Saudi Arabia has done by shedding light on Iran and its proxies like “Hezbollah” is a good proof to that. Isolating Iran from the Islamic body of the region, should be a principal target to the political Arab strategy, the second stage would revolve around taking confrontations into the Persian geographical interior, in which people occupied by Iran are empowered and supported, the people of Ahwaz being one of them.

Are you satisfied with the Arab silence engulfing your case?

 The people of Ahwaz are extremely upset with the Arab silence facing a fair Arab case. Throughout history Ahwaz was considered the eastern gate in which a Persian invasion enters the Arab world. When Ahwaz is subjugated, the Persian occupation will extend into other parts of the Arab world, and this equation has been forgotten by the strategic thought of Arabs.