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6 Army of the Guardians' Leaders Reported Killed in 48 hours in Aleppo - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive
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Syrians standing near a pit that was caused by Syrian rigeme airforce attack on Aleppo

Syrians standing near a pit that was caused by Syrian rigeme airforce attack on Aleppo

London- Iranian media reported the death of 6 leaders of the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution in Aleppo, Syria. The death toll figures on troops and officers piled up to 24, during a 48-hours window.

The Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei considered that Guardians’ combatants fighting in Syria are keeping war from reaching Iran. He also added that if the Guardians had not fought in Syria, they would be engaging in battlefields in places like Kermanshah and Hamadan, and many other Iranian areas. He explained that the Guardians’ involvement in the Syrian crisis serves to protect Iran.

Khamenei, according to “Khat Hezbollah” the Supreme Leader’s office’s weekly, said that Iran is in grave debt to all the fighters who died in Syria and Iraq. He added that they have died in defense of, and for the Iranian revolution.

Such a statement is considered the second wide-impact announcement after the one on the Supreme Leader officially declaring intervention to fight side by side with the regime in Syria. Moreover, this declaration contradicts with Tehran’s previous proclamations on Iranian intervention being restricted to advisory missions and not military operations in Syria.

Iranian news agencies confirmed the death of two Quds Force leaders, divisions within the Guardians’ forces, during battles in Aleppo. Both General Ahmed Amjadi and General Mortada Torabi died in the clashes, after already reporting the death of Brig. Mohsen Fajaryan, leader of the armored platoon 21 in Nishapur, on Feb. 4.

Fars News Agency revealed a list of names on the reportedly killed Guardians’ troops in Aleppo during the past two days. The list included the name of an official at the Guardians’ headquarter in Qom, Mohamad Ali Qali Zadaah, and platoon 17’s leader, Sajad Roshani and his assistant Mohammed Hussein Saraji.

In terms of field developments, Syria News Desk, reported that Syrian Opposition factions have managed to destroy a military heavy-duty vehicle in the northwestern town of Hirbnafsah in the Hama Governorate.