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Divorce Threatens Iranian Society | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Divorce in Iran has quadrupled by 2014 since 1996

Divorce in Iran has quadrupled by 2014 since 1996

The massive wave of divorce now threatens Iranian society with falling apart, as numbers have recorded a rate of one divorce occurring each 3 minutes. The ratings were reported by a recent study observing the social standings of the Iranian society over the last two years.

Moreover, new statistics shows that divorce rates have witnessed an increase of 2.4 percent, while, on the other hand, marriage rates fell with an approximate 4.3 percent over the course of the past nine months.

Iran now faces an increasing social crisis, accompanied with the receding economy and high financial pressures impacting families. The increasing rates of divorce and plunging rates of marriage add up to be one of the gravest threats to the Iranian community build, in the years during which the Iranian government has stood against the international community on account of heeding citizen affairs, according to Iranian analysts.

The Iranian supreme leader has expressed his regret on both the increasing divorce rates and the number of convicts in Iranian prisons. He requested for judiciary authorities and the court on family affairs to put in efforts by mediating and resolving issues stranded between couples prior to issuing the divorce, which already is a process known to take nine months to two years in processing.

The new study, published in Iranian newspapers, is based on statistics issued by the “Statistical Centre of Iran” and centers responsible for the civil registry across the country.

Furthermore, the study shows that the number of marriages recorded from March 2014 to March 2015 amounted to over 724 thousand; however, 163,569 couples divorced.

Statistics show a grave decline in registered marriages since 2010, the rate of divorce in Iran has quadrupled by 2014 since 1996.

According to the study, most young families end in divorce by the fourth year of marriage due to economic and social hurdles.