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Intelligence Officials from IRGC Arrested on Corruption Charges | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Members of the revolutionary guard attend the anniversary ceremony of Iran’s Islamic Revolution at the Khomeini shrine in the Behesht Zahra cemetery, south of Tehran, February 1, 2012.Reuters

London-Three deputy intelligence officials from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards have been arrested on charges of economic corruption, according to informed Iranian sources.

A senior security official in Iran said that the three officials were arrested on charges of “major economic corruption,” “smuggling,” “extorting money from rich people and merchants” and “money laundering.”

The Intelligence Organization of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is considered one of the government agencies responsible for monitoring and reviewing economic corruption carried out by senior officials such as that case revealed in summer 2016 as managers and executives at state-run companies were receiving exorbitant salaries and misusing government funds.

In this matter, “AmadNews” reformist site quoted on Friday a senior official as saying that three senior assistants to Commander of Intelligence Organization of the IRGC Hussein Taeb were arrested in October for smuggling equipment to Iran.

The site explained that “Atheem” and “Ifshari” are still in jail, but intelligence authorities released the third assistant “Mihrab” in exchange for a bailout.

The leakage came one day after “AmadNews” announced it has decided to publish new information regarding documents of corruption carried out by intelligence commanders in IRGC.

Notably, Iranians have been following thoroughly the news on the website, which is known for being affiliated with reformist party in the country, as it emerged in the peak of pressures put on Rouhani’s government due to the “astronomical salaries’” scandal.

Many Iranians consider publishing documents on websites loyal to Rouhani is part of the hidden war waged on corruption between the government and its opponents in judiciary and Revolutionary Guards.

The IRGC suggests that economic activity has caused increased growth of lawlessness, extortion, economic insecurity and corruption and managers in the country and these activities must be stopped as soon as possible.