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Jeremy Corbyn Re-elected as Leader of Britain’s Labor Party | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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The new leader of Britain’s opposition Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn makes his inaugural speech at the Queen Elizabeth Centre in central London, September 12, 2015. REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth

London- Reelecting Jeremy Corbyn as a leader of Britain’s opposition Labor Party and addition to the political debate which he caused since being elected, are events similar to a chapter of “A Very British Coup” novel by Chris Mullin.

There are many points in common between electing Corbyn and the dramatic work of Mullin, who was previously a member of the Labor Party and a current friend to Corbyn.

Mullin saying to BBC on Friday that “the Labor Party will not reach presidency as long as Corbyn is the leader” has now become the favorite sentence for critics.

Corbyn is facing several challenges and his presence might deprive the party from reaching the presidency. One hundred seventy two of the Labor Party members of parliament are against Corbyn; members of the shadow government also said that “his leadership is a disaster to the party and will cause it to be divided.”

Corbyn launched a campaign to urge re-electing him and called the Labor Party MPs to unite against the Conservatives. He said to supporters, “This party is strong. This party is able to win the elections.”

He added, “The MPs have a duty to support the party against the Conservatives.” He continued that the party became stronger since last year when he was first elected as a leader.

“We will fight to win in 2020 elections”, he said. The Labor Party leader also announced willingness to cooperate with all MPs.

Back to the novel, the hero of the military coup wins the elections and becomes a prime minister. Then he is compelled to resign live on BBC.