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As if disintegration was not enough, Arabs further seek the additional burden of being categorized according to their weaponry rather than their political affiliation. We cannot understand what is actually happening even though it is taking place in front of our own eyes simply because misinterpretation and distortions of the truth have become a daily practice. Let us attempt to read into contemporary history before we try to understand what is happening today, as falsification is continuous and leads to deteriorating collective thought.

The history that is in front of us today shows that destruction, murder and sabotage has not taken place at the hands of occupiers as much as it has by Arab and neighboring parties. This is the current crisis from which Iraq is suffering, which some have summarized in the phrase, “Arabs of War.” The majority of Iraqis were not against the overthrow of the former regime, in fact most Iraqis supported the emergence of a new Iraqi regime through the political process. However, the Arabs of terrorism refused, and waged a war to plague Iraq with terrorism. Nowadays, important facts are forged just as most chapters of Arab history have been. The overthrow of the most autocratic Arab dictators had been made a crime and the sabotage of the new Iraqi political regime, which all Iraqi groups take part in, has become a national endeavour. What a load of contradictions!

We cannot understand the Iraqi situation without fully understanding the Palestinian case that is full of failures, revenge and battles by Arabs. As for Israel, it would not have been successful in the past wars had it not been for Arab falsification of the truth and the adoption of such gallant positions that had no real effects on contemporary history. Arab parties on a daily basis had waged a verbal war against Israel, whereas military attacks took place every ten years, most of which were waged by antagonistic Israeli initiatives. During the 40-year verbal war, a liberation war was launched only once. Those who blamed the late Palestinian president Yasser Arafat for his deliberations and the peace treaties that he signed have never presented their efforts to end the Israeli occupation. They never offered a solution to end the suffering of three million Palestinians in Palestine and another three million Palestinian exiles and refugees. The Arabs of terrorism exploited the Palestinian issue for their own benefits through region bargaining and Arab conflicts.

We will never understand the true nature of the Iraqi situation, figuratively or actually except if we understand firstly how the Palestinian crisis came about. The Israelis played one role in the crisis whereas Arabs played a continuous role in strengthening the displacement of Palestinians, the same goal that the Arabs of terrorism seek to achieve whilst claiming to fight invaders.

Despite that it is the first time for Iraqis away from the dominance of Saddam Hussein who had completely demolished the political, economic and social fabric over thirty years, Iraqis have been able to set the foundations for a democratic system in which all sects and voices would meet. Iraqis, despite successful attempts by the Arabs of terrorism to cause devastation, had set up a constitution, parliament and institutions in accordance to the votes of the Iraqi majority. This positive start deserves support rather than obliteration.