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Opinion: Support is Our Weapon in Syria | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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The video of the Syrian child from Aleppo Omran Daqneesh who was pulled out of the rubble alive reminds us of the crimes and deliberate genocide that are committed every day in Syria by Bashar Al-Assad’s regime and Iran which are supported by Russia and militias such as the Lebanese Hezbollah.

When we see him and other pictures of the tragedy every day, we remember the criminals who are committing crimes against humanity. It is our duty to remember their victims, the entire Syrian people.

The tragedy has been going on for five years, the age of Omran who was pulled out alive. These five years have been filled with killing, displacement and false promises. The least that we can do is support those in need by providing them with assistance from individuals, governments and humanitarian centres.

Despite the urgency of this relief appeal, we should not allow the door to be opened for traders of tragedies including ideological groups, fake institutions and even those governments that dare to confiscate food, blankets and medicines for refugees with the intention of looting these items. Neither should we allow governments to turn a blind eye to some of their employees who exploit refugees in their camps or when they cross borders and impose taxes on aid.

Millions of Syrians remain inside Syria and millions of others are refugees who live in squalid conditions in neighbouring countries. Relief operations are the source of life for the majority of the Syrian people, including those who remain in their homes in areas where there is fighting or even beyond these areas.

There are Arab and foreign organisations that provide relief to the Syrian people. They are doing a great job and will always be appreciated. However, they are few in number considering the size of the tragedy and the relief that is required. Unfortunately, there are also charities that came to profit and trade, and there are others that exploit people’s needs by forcing them to become extremists who hate their families and their community, and are pawns in the hands of terrorist leaders.

Omran, the child who we saw, his face covered in blood and dirt, is one of thousands of other children whose pictures we have not seen and whose stories we do not know. This is the life of an oppressed people tyrannised by the world’s most ruthless regimes whilst other powers look on, not caring about the fate of an entire nation that is being exterminated through murder and displacement.

I know that the war has been going on for a long time and perhaps it will continue for years to come. However, it is our duty to stand by the Syrian people and help them even if with a small amount in order to alleviate their suffering. We urge governments to sympathise with the Syrian people, give them more exceptions and provide employment opportunities so that they can support their families. We should also encourage countries to give them opportunities so that they can live a decent life until their affliction is dispelled.

Supporting the Syrian people is a praiseworthy deed that will defeat the genocide project, save millions of displaced people and heal hundreds of thousands of injured people. Their resistance will defeat all the powers that attack the Syrians and that will attack the peoples of the region.