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Is It Only Today that Hezbollah Been a Terrorist? | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Member of Hezbollah standidng between two missiles

Member of Hezbollah standidng between two missiles

Member of Hezbollah standidng between two missiles

The Lebanon-based Hezbollah’s latest recognition as a terrorist organization was at the League of Arab States (LAS) in Cairo, noting that the group was already outlined as a terrorist one at the Arab Interior Ministers Council in Tunis, Tunisia. Nonetheless, we have recognized the terrorist nature of the organization a decade ago, when the group had opted to assassinate the finest of its country’s leaderships, and then embarked on killing thousands of Syrian civilians.

Hezbollah was and still is, forevermore, a terrorist organization, yet the courage to officially declare that was never present, until Arab governments formally announced the organization a terrorist entity last week.

At the Arab Interior Ministers Council no one defended Hezbollah, except for Lebanon– which is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea-, the semi-overwhelmed Iraq, and Algeria which has always been known for backing Iran at the LAS. Algeria’s support for Iran surfaced the moment it played a role in freeing the U.S. captives in Iran, who were already detained at the Algerian embassy in Tehran!

As for the other 19 Arab nations, they all aligned in unity against Hezbollah amid a political and popular grand-scale wave of change spreading across the world against the terrorist group.

Up until a few weeks ago, most Arab governments avoided to publicly criticize Hezbollah; even after it got involved in the Syrian war and even before that, as when Hezbollah had committed a series of crimes assassinating Lebanese leaderships, their most prominent being Rafic al-Hariri.
No one even condemned the organization after it hauled Israel to attack Lebanon, after kidnapping two soldiers in 2006. No criticism rose even after the group admitted to that its calculations were wrong.

Only two Arab countries ever dared to criticize Hezbollah at the time, and the rest remained quiet, despite all the destruction Lebanon suffered.

Everyone is aware that Hezbollah has been a terrorist organization since its establishment in the 80’s. The group has captured their own nation, took over the decision making process and the assets, and hurdled Lebanese political and economic development.

Hezbollah’s activity in expanding its power potential in Lebanon has taken more of its efforts than it ever spent on fighting Israel in the past 30 years collectively.

Condemning and denouncing the organization’s actions and terrorist nature remained nothing but a lowered whisper behind closed doors, and people never found the courage to speak them in public.

However, now circumstances have changed and facts can no longer be avoided, nor should we cower from exposing them. Half a million Syrians were killed; some of that large figure’s blood is on the hands of Hezbollah militants, Iran, and the Syrian regime. All that being said, no space for manipulation is left nor for the possibility of changing what has been done.

Everybody knows that Hezbollah has been a terrorist group even before the break of any disputes. The organization has killed Lebanese, Syrian, and Arab people since the 80’s, yet everyone still hoped that the group would renounce it’s part in playing the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Iranian executioner, and instead transform to a civilian party.

knowing that there was no excuse for harboring bullets anymore, hopes of Hezbollah becoming a civil political party started right after Israel withdrew from south Lebanon 16 years ago. However, Hezbollah has still not shed its skin, and its brutality has gone fiercer breaching a wider action-zone, crossing borders in each of Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Bahrain.