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Opinion: An Intervention that the World will be Forced to Make | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Taken from the Asharq Al-Awsat Arabic website 18th November 2015

The recent act of terrorism in Paris has confirmed one, definite thing; the necessity for intervention in Syria and putting an end to this chaos, the dangers of which have reached beyond the Middle East. In Vienna, instead of solving the crisis with intervention, the proposed solution calls for an ideal friendly political solution. There is no doubt that its inventors live in a fantasy world if they believe that it is possible to achieve this in a country where a third of a million people have been intentionally killed.

The proposed solution calls for a gradual transition, reassuring President Bashar al-Assad that he will not leave until after the implementation of numerous stages which may extend over a long time. Perhaps Assad will refuse to leave after that, and even if he does leave, the fighting may not stop until then. Therefore, intervention is inevitable. Today, acceptable interference is that carried out under the UN flag, with the participation of most of the concerned countries of the world financially and militarily. This intervention must establish a system that combines all the parties and components of the country, prepares for rule based on elections and immediately begins a war on terrorist groups on Syrian land in order to cleanse it of them.

It may take a year or two to remove Assad, ISIS and all armed terrorist groups; however, this remains the best and fastest solution compared to the Geneva and Vienna plans. It is possible to arrange the repatriation of refugees, help those in need and stop proxy Turkish- Saudi- Iranian clashes and limit American and Russian intervention.

Right now, western politicians are wasting their time and they are prolonging the lifespan of danger and its causes in Vienna. The Vienna meetings like Geneva 1 and Geneva 2 are prolonging the crisis and expanding the danger of the Syrian civil war on the world; and this all because of a Byzantine controversy surrounding how to tackle the Syrian crisis. The regime in Syria is responsible for this war, is the enemy of most of its people and is neither able to rule Syria nor defend itself.