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Experts: Saudi Arabia Wants to End Exploitation of Its Youth | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Undated image of explosives seized by Saudi security forces, Saudi Arabia. Saudi Press Agency/ Handout via REUTERS

Riyadh– A number of terrorism experts and researchers described the Saudi security decisive measures against intelligent services as “historic measures” to stop the activity of any foreign parties targeting the security of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Speaking to Asharq Al-Awsat, the experts revealed that such cells and groups had been operating for three decades serving foreign agendas.

A top official stated that recently, head of state security was able to monitor espionage activity of a group of people for foreign countries that aim at attacking the security and social stability of the kingdom.

The source assured that all the members, including Saudis and foreigners, had been apprehended and are under investigation.

Expert in Criminology and fighting terrorism Yusuf al-Rumaih declared that those members and many others like them had been trying to create strife for over 30 years, from the times of cassettes and brochures till the modern times of tweets and messages.

“They are the same people. Same methodology. Only the outer appearances changed. The same content and ideology but a different form,” he said.

Rumaih stated that those people use religion to access people’s minds, adding that: “as long as they can’t achieve their goals through secularism, liberalism, and socialism, they will try to approach people through religion to accept their project.”

Rumaihi went on to explain that people in our region will accept anything as long as it includes a religious side. He also added that they focus on mobilizing teenagers and kids, and thus it is time to cure the country of this disease.

Former security adviser at the Interior Ministry Saoud al-Msebeeh confirmed that King Abdulaziz suffered long from such members who misuse religion for political purposes. He explained that since the foundation of the Saudi kingdom, the King fought Muslim Brotherhood and other movements.

Msebeeh said that Prince Mohammed bin Naif had warned that Muslim Brotherhood is the source of troubles in the Arab Islamic World, adding that they controlled the education system and tried to brainwash young people, and sadly many Saudi scholars and university professors were fooled by their methods.

we witnessed their enthusiasm for the destruction of the Arab world and their methods in instigating hatred and strife, he added. They even misused the social media for their own purposes.

“They are encouraged and supported by foreign intelligence services such as the Iranian, Qatari, and Western services,” he reported.

Msebeeh revealed that the measures taken by Saudi security are an extension of the efforts of Custodian of Two Holy Mosques and Crown Prince. He added that Houthis were thwarted in Yemen which restored the dignity of the Islamic and Arab world.

He concluded that we are now before a historic stage and it is time to rectify the situation and put an end to all of those who offended the kingdom.