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Military Experts: Houthi Insurgents Violate Laws and Recruit Children | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Houthi insurgents ride a truck while patrolling a street in Sana’a January 21, 2015. REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah

Jeddah- Two security experts have stressed that the chaotic methods used by Houthi militias are a blatant violation of human and international laws. The experts said their strategies follow no rules and reveal the weakness of the militias.

The experts called upon the U.N. to stop the violations of the insurgents and recruitment of children in the war, in addition to kidnapping and blackmailing.

Security expert Ahmed al-Ansari said that what Houthis are doing is a heinous violation of humanitarian laws.

He said this armed militia had taken control of the authority in Yemen without following any rules and uses any means possible to terrorize others.

The expert pointed out that all departments, whether military or political or legal, criminalize targeting civilians. He explained that such practices do not lead to war victory but rather to contradictory results.

He also mentioned that everything used by Houthis in the war is a violation of rights and law.

Ansari stated that Houthis recruit children in their war and resort to kidnapping and blackmailing people. He believes that the goal of gaining power united Houthis with former president Ali Saleh and the only language they understand is that of force.

Ansari also added that Houthis and Saleh did not only destroy and kill people in Yemen, but helped in increasing the crime rate in the Yemeni society, in addition to human rights violations, poverty, and illiteracy. He went on to say that the consequences will be fully revealed once the war is over.

As for Iran-made weapons and missiles, Ansari said that these arms reached Yemen when Houthi was in power. He added that there were direct flights from Tehran to Sana’a, reaching to six flights on a daily basis.

He explained that the weapons would then be assembled in Sana’a by militias and members of the Lebanese so-called Hezbollah.

Security expert Ahmed al-Mawkli told Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that targeting civilians reveals the failure of Houthis and insurgency militias. He added that war is not random but rather ruled by laws and regulations that protect civilians, children, and media personnel.

He drew question marks on the role of rights and humanitarian organizations regarding what Houthis are doing.

Mawkli said that targeting civilians is a point of weakness for the Houthis and Saleh, and shows their failure in confronting the coalition forces that were formed according to U.N. Resolution 2216.